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LTG Patrick O'Reilly

Retired LT Gen @ USA Army

1 year ago

LTG Patrick O'Reilly and Choosing a Career in the Military

Seeking an appointment to a Military Academy was something LTG Patrick O'Reilly did not take lightly in 1974. Before enrolling, LTG Patrick O'Reilly made sure he was making the right choice. Once he determined that it was the right, he never looked back.


At the age of 17, LTG Patrick O'Reilly was looking for something structured in his life, and he found just what he was looking for at the military academies. The strictly regimented schedule instilled a sense of discipline in him, something he carries with him to this day. He learned the meaning of true responsibility. LTG Patrick O'Reilly remembers understanding for the first time the existence of corporate responsibility and personal responsibility.


LTG Patrick O'Reilly believes that many citizens could benefit from a stint in the military. He knows that a military career isn’t necessarily right for everyone, but he believes that the foundation it provides is valuable. LTG Patrick O'Reilly has found that skills learned in military environments effectively transfer over to other areas of life, including the business world.


By having some experience with structure and discipline, LTG Patrick O'Reilly believes today’s youth could quickly gain a sense of responsibility. Responsibility is required of every professional, no matter the industry. In addition to responsibility and discipline, minimal military training would cultivate a deeper sense of respect and loyalty for the great volunteers who protect our country.


LTG Patrick O'Reilly is currently a consultant for different industry and university leaders and an integral part of his consulting is derived from his military background. When advising leaders on challenging issues, he explains the importance of a structured approach and delegating responsibility. Both of these are things LTG Patrick O'Reilly learned from his time as a cadet at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

1 year ago

LTG Patrick O'Reilly and the US Military Academy

As a 1978 graduate of the United States Military Academy, LTG Patrick O'Reilly is quite familiar with the world-renowned school. LTG Patrick O'Reilly graduated with a B.S. in Basic Science, and served as an Associate Professor of Physics from 1986-1989.


The US Military Academy is located in West Point, NY.  It’s most recent attendance numbers are around 4,600 cadets. The school has many nicknames, often referred to as West Point, The Point, or The Academy. It boasts 24 varsity sports, and the teams go by the name of the Black Knights. The school has undergone significant changes since LTG Patrick O'Reilly attended from 1974-1978, but for the most part retains its same personality.


LTG Patrick O'Reilly believes that West Point taught him more than any other school. West Point has a way of instilling character, developing perseverance, and molding critical thinking that most other schools and universities cannot claim. LTG Patrick O'Reilly enrolled at West Point in a time when most people were shunning military service in the country. The youth movements in America that surrounded Vietnam created disdain for war, but LTG Patrick O'Reilly wanted to serve his nation. LTG Patrick O'Reilly saw an opportunity to grow and learn from hard work and responsibility.


LTG Patrick O'Reilly has gone on to have an illustrious career, something that the United States Military Academy has seen many of its alumni do. LTG Patrick O'Reilly was fortunate to have served in roles of management and command for many different programs and entities since his graduation. Some of these job titles include Director of Missile Defense Agency, Program Director of Ground-Based Missile Defense Agency, and Program Executive Office of Army Combat Support Systems. LTG Patrick O'Reilly is a firm believer that West Point played a vital role in molding him into the leader he is today.

1 year ago

LTG Patrick O'Reilly Shares Three Ways to Motivate

LTG Patrick O'Reilly has served in a variety of leadership positions over his 34-year career in the United States Army. As a respected Director and Program Manager for various US missile programs, he knows what it takes to motivate and influence people to accomplish difficult and importance tasks. Currently, LTG Patrick O'Reilly consults for various industry and university leaders.


LTG Patrick O'Reilly is innovative and enjoys helping today’s future leaders. He is skilled at positively motivating people to accomplish things they otherwise would not believe they could do. He relishes the opportunity to instill a sense of purpose in people, and finds coaching and mentoring to be an enjoyable job. What follows are three specific ways LTG Patrick O'Reilly believes managers and employers can motivate the people around them:


(1) Establish Trust. LTG Patrick O'Reilly believes that it is impossible to motivate people if they do not trust in you. By establishing a sense of trust in your employees, you ensure that they believe in what you are saying. Once they believe in you, they are all the more likely to follow what you preach.


(2) Positive Reinforcement. Everyone likes to be rewarded when they do something well, and one of the best ways to do this is by affirmation and awarding greater responsibility. LTG Patrick O'Reilly often lets people know they are appreciated by openly acknowledging and recognizing their successes.


(3) Tangible Goals. By creating tangible and visible goals, you take advantage of motivating success. Nearly everyone likes the feeling of accomplishment, and that is why LTG Patrick O'Reilly stresses the importance of creating attainable goals that people can strive for.


LTG Patrick O'Reilly has spent nearly four decades in successful leadership positions, and along the way he has realized that these three steps are practical ways to inspire.

1 year ago

Continued Commitment to service: Retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly

After thirty-eight years in the US Army, retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly relishes having the time available and the opportunity to serve our nation in various ways. During his Army career, LTG Patrick O’Reilly was inspired by the unselfish dedication and sacrifice of citizens across our society to others in need. LTG Patrick O’Reilly was anxious to join volunteer organizations and organizations committed to help the poor. “The fulfillment of helping others during some of the toughest days of their lives and working with unselfish, dedicated volunteers is truly a gift that typical jobs cannot offer” states retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly.


After a period of travel with his family and reflection, LTG Patrick O’Reilly focused his commitment to addressing challenging problems that face our nation in the 21st century. LTG Patrick O’Reilly took advantage of the great opportunities to volunteer afforded Americans by organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Saint Vincent De Paul society for helping the poor.


LTG Patrick O’Reilly has committed his time to helping at a local Saint Vincent De Paul thrift shop which sells donated goods at discounted costs to make essential household goods affordable to low income families. The proceeds from these sales are donated to families in need to pay for the basic necessities of life. “Working with the dedicated professionals at the thrift shop” is an uplifting experience states LTG Patrick O’Reilly.


LTG Patrick O’Reilly feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve with the American Red Cross. After an intensive education in disaster relief classes, retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly has committed his skills to damage assessment and mass care operations. LTG Patrick O’Reilly is a member of a Disaster Action Team and joined the cadre of volunteers that deploy nationally to some of our nations largest disasters.


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1 year ago

LTG Patrick O’Reilly Retires

After spending so many years working for the government and in the military environment, LTG Patrick O’Reilly dedicated his time to his family and to adjust to civilian life. He traveled extensively with his wife and daughter to enjoy new experiences together. He enjoyed spending time with old friends and looked for new opportunities where he could serve and help others.


LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s focus was to provide help to people struggling with significant challenges that face our society. LTG Patrick O’Reilly began to receive requests for help from industry, non-profit and educational organizations. One of LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s earliest civilian projects was as a consultant to a major university medical school as they planned to create a mass production vaccine facility to respond to pandemics and our military’s needs. He found working with brilliant, dedicated medical and business colleagues stimulating and fulfilling. Retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly has assisted other businesses plan for their future. Additionally, LTG Patrick O’Reilly is now a Senior Fellow at a prestigious Washington DC think thank on international policy.


Retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s passion has always been to help teachers with improving science, technology, engineering and math education in our country. LTG Patrick O’Reilly was fortunate to find an impressive non-profit organization that focus on assisting teachers with videos for their classrooms that reinforce their teaching points and stimulate their students interests in the sciences.


A great pleasure for retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly is having the time to contribute to charity organizations that help the poor. LTG Patrick O’Reilly works at a thrift shop to directly help the poor with donations while treating them with dignity and respect. He has made volunteering time to the poor a lifetime commitment. Likewise, he thoroughly enjoys working with great humanitarians as an American Red Cross disaster relief volunteer.

1 year ago

The Need for a Strong Defense: LTG Patrick O’Reilly

One thing that LTG Patrick O’Reilly firmly believes in and has stood behind since his earliest days in the military is the need for a strong, well-developed defense system in the United States. He dedicated his entire career to the conceptual and eventual development of a multitude of complex defense systems. This mentality is one of a person who believes in being active in defense policies and procedures. LTG Patrick O’Reilly compiled countless hours of research examining historical data and insuring he understood the latest technologies, and designed systems to minimize our vulnerabilities. This was a challenging feat but it was one that was accomplished time and time again by LTG Patrick O’Reilly.


An ever-changing political climate often affected the focus of LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s projects and positions. He was always able to keep his projects afloat since his arguments were often very strong. Even the most anti-weapon advocates could not completely argue against having a strong defense system. Others who were in opposition also had a hard time to not be impressed with the systems that were being developed and tested under LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s oversight. Systems now exist that use an extensive network of satellites, radars, communications and interceptors to provide comprehensive missile defense.


Systems under LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s responsibility eventually expanded to the friends and allies of the United States. This expanded deployment only strengthened the legitimacy of these programs and systems as well as strengthening relations with these countries. In a time where many other countries consistently threaten to point weapons at the United States, LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s defense systems will continue to counter with advanced technology. The Missile Defense Agency credits an enormous amount of their success to what LTG Patrick O’Reilly was able to accomplish prior to and during his time as their director.

1 year ago

An Engaged Leader: LTG Patrick O'Reilly

One of the most important things to LTG Patrick O’Reilly is being an approachable, hands-on, leader. He learned this over time and credits his success to including his staff in key decisions, but always searching for the input from all levels of the organizations that he led. LTG Patrick O’Reilly struggled hard to ensure that his rank and title did not obstruct the honest feedback from his subordinates. He was very approachable by those he respected and sought to get to know as many of the thousands of employees in his organizations as possible. Although he asked informed questions, he did not claim to be an expert on any topic.

LTG Patrick O’Reilly found that his approachability was particularly important because of the number of people who reported to him at various times during his career. This is not to say there were not times that LTG Patrick O’Reilly needed to reprimand someone or address issues of job performance or other difficult issues. However, LTG O’Reilly clearly separated honest mistakes from a lack of motivation to excel.

Some his senior staff criticized him for trying so hard to be approachable and engaged with the difficult issues his people struggled with daily. His senior staff was often frustrated that LTG Patrick O’Reilly wanted to hear from as many viewpoints as possible and minimize as much uncertain information as possible before making major decisions. Most importantly, LTG Patrick O’Reilly wanted to know the perspective of the people who would actually implement a decision. LTG Patrick O’Reilly’s calendar was overwhelmed with subordinates who wanted to meet with him on issues. LTG Patrick O’Reilly was constantly indebted to the dedicated professionals on his personal staff that maximized his time to interface with as many employees, as well as his superiors, as possible on his very tight schedule.

1 year ago

LTG Patrick O’Reilly Leadership Accomplishments

General Patrick O’Reilly applied his leadership to achieve significant successes for U.S. national security. LTG Patrick O’Reilly repeatedly led organizations that overcame significant challenges.


After seven consecutive failures prior to his arrival, Patrick O’Reilly led the revitalization of the $1 billion a year Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) program. As the THAAD Project Manager, General Patrick O’Reilly oversaw the redesign and verification of the system, which ultimately achieved 14 successive flight test successes.


As the US Army Program Executive Officer for Combat Support and Combat Service Support programs, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly led 3,000 employees, with an annual budget of $4 billion, manage a development portfolio including all Army vehicles, construction engineer equipment, and life support equipment. In response to the sudden advent of the Improvised Explosive Device threat, General O’Reilly led the unprecedented rapid armoring of 40,000 vehicles in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Subsequently, Patrick O’Reilly became the Program Manager of the Ground Based Midcourse Defense Program, where he led 2,000 people in a $3 billion a year missile system development project to provide defense of the United States against Ballistic Missiles. Despite repeated consecutive flight test failures prior to his arrival, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly demonstrated outstanding leadership as his program accomplished a successive series of flight test and deployment successes.


In 2008, LTG Patrick O’Reilly was nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate as Director, of the Missile Defense Agency. As Director, General O’Reilly led an 8,000-person, $8 billion a year, globally deployed Department of Defense agency. In 2011, based on the Agency’s success under his leadership, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was asked to extend as the Director for an additional year. Today, Patrick O’Reilly is a consultant and he continues to apply his leadership and experience to mentor young leaders and managers

1 year ago

U.S. Army Combat Support Program Executive Officer: LTG Patrick O’Reilly

General Patrick O’Reilly successfully held many leadership positions throughout his career in the U.S. Army. As an officer for 34 years, Patrick O’Reilly gained broad, hands-on, experience from producing trucks, to missile defense, to international diplomatic negotiations. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was recognized for his outstanding ability to lead and make decisive decisions for U.S. security. Today, LTG Patrick O’Reilly is respected as a leader in the field of defense and national security with more than three decades of experience.


From 2003 to 2005, General Patrick O’Reilly held the position of Program Executive Officer for the U.S. Army Combat Support. In this position, Patrick O’Reilly displayed skilled leadership as he managed and directed 3,000 people with a $4 billion annual budget and a diverse portfolio of Army vehicle and life support projects. During his tenure, LTG O’Reilly had to mobilize industry, establish remote industrial operations, and install armor on 40,000 trucks in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan in less than two years. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly accomplished these tasks and proved himself a highly effective leader.


His experience directing U.S. Army Combat Support and Combat Service Support systems offered General Patrick O’Reilly opportunities to advance in the field of national security. Patrick O’Reilly gained recognition as a skilled and successful leader, and he went on to assume other leadership positions of increasing responsibility. Following his tenure as the Program Executive Officer for Combat Support and Service Support programs, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was selected as the Program Director for the Ground-Based Missile Defense program in 2005. Ultimately, LTG Patrick O’Reilly was nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate as the Director of the Missile Defense Agency in 2008.


Retired General Patrick O’Reilly is a consultant for industry and university leaders with international programs and contracts with the U.S. government.

1 year ago

Congressional Committee Witness Testimonies: LTG Patrick O’Reilly

As an experienced military leader and an educated Commissioned Officer, General Patrick O’Reilly has had 34 years of experience in the U.S. Army. Throughout his career, Patrick O’Reilly has made significant historical contributions to national security and missile defense programs. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly is regarded as an expert in this field and continues to give advice on policies and decision making today.


LTG Patrick O’Reilly has testified to Congressional Committees on 22 occasions. One of the most critical testimonies of Patrick O’Reilly was his appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on June 16, 2010, to discuss implications of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with Russia. As an expert on missile defense and in his role as the Director of the Missile Defense, General Patrick O’Reilly testified that the NEW START treaty had little meaningful impact on missile defense and provided a great contribution to this Congressional Committee’s debate. Likewise, Patrick O’Reilly was the principal witness to the Senate Armed Services Committee special hearing on counterfeit military parts.


LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has achieved many great accomplishments throughout his career. The United States Army has recognized his contributions by recognizing and awarding his achievements on several occasions. LTG Patrick O’Reilly has been the two-time recipient of the Defense Superior Service Award, the two-time recipient of the Legion of Merit, the recipient of the Defense Meritorious Service Medal and the seven-time recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal. Thus, retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly has a proven record of successful leadership throughout his career.


Today, Patrick O’Reilly is a consultant to industry and university leaders considering public/private joint ventures and contracting with the United States Department of Defense. Retired LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly especially enjoys assisting young professionals launch their careers in science, engineering and business.

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